Hatsan Escort AimGuard/MarineGuard Shotgun

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Hatsan Escort AimGuard/MarineGuard Shotgun

Post by Cutaway on Wed 02 Apr 2008, 7:03 pm

Type: pump-action shotgun
Gauge: 12; 3" / 76mm chamber (also available in 20 gauge)
Length: 1000 mm / 48" (with 50 cm / 20" barrel and fixed butt)
Barrel length: 45 cm / 18" or 50 cm / 20"
Weight: ~ 3.0 kg / 6.6 lbs
Capacity: 5 (for 18"-barreled guns) or 7 (for 20"-barreled guns) rounds in underbarrel tube magazine

Aimguard and Marineguard pump action shotguns are manufactured in Turkey by company Hatsan Arms. Hatsan shotguns are known for affordable prices, yet provide practical and strong design along with good reliability. The Aimguard line of shotguns was designed especially for home defense, security and police duties in mind. All those guns feature handy 20 inch / 50 cm barrels with fixed cylinder chokes, dull matte black finish and polymer furniture. Marineguard shotguns differ only in the type of finish, applied to the metallic parts, which is of corrosion-resistant hard chrome type with matte surface.

Hatsan Aimguard shotguns are pump-operated; sliding forend is attached to the bolt group with dual action bars. Bolt is locked to the barrel extension by single locking piece, which swings out of the top of the bolt to engage the cut in the barrel extension with single massive locking lug. Upon cycling, the locking piece is lowered into the bolt to unlock it. Feed is from underbarrel tube magazine, holding 7 rounds; magazine is loaded through aperture at the bottom of the light-alloy receiver. Standard furniture is of black polymer type; there are three basic versions of stock available - fixed polymer stock with rubber recoil pad, top-folding metallic stock with recoil pad and spare shell holder, and version with no butt and single pistol grip. All versions feature cylinder-choked barrels with hard chrome lining and simple front sight,
Courtesy of: http://world.guns.ru/shotgun/sh37-e.htm

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