Preparing for the Marines

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Preparing for the Marines

Post by HARLEEQWiNN0817 on Mon 16 Mar 2009, 5:26 am

I know that each branch of the military has their own physical requirements. However, I wanted to know if they were gender specific. The best way for me personally to make sure I am prepared for any kind of military service, is to train using the male guidelines. I know I'll do okay with push-ups and sit-ups but the running scares me. I do play sports but it seems that as I get closer and closer to being out of high school, the harder it is to run. I can sprint pretty good, but when it comes to distance running, I'm not that good. My plans for after the military are to go to Temple University for Criminal Justice and than enter the police academy. Even doing the training for the cadet program was tough for me, especially the running!!! Does anybody have any tips they could give to help me conquer running? Anything with substance is greatly appreciated.

*Distance running has always been difficult for me, and I cant seem to understand why. I don't do any type of recreational drugs, including alcohol, I don't smoke and I do play sports.


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