Mahindra Axe: Light Specialist Vehicle

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Mahindra Axe: Light Specialist Vehicle

Post by Cutaway on Wed 25 Jun 2008, 11:37 am

Mahindra Axe is a little hummer for the Army

July 13, 2007
The Indian Army is all set to get its on desi Humvee! To be called the Mahindra Axe, the indigenous vehicle from Mahindra & Mahindra, has undergone the necessary tests recently.
Okay, calling the AXE a Hummer might be too much of a stretch - but it is a potent weapon for the army nevertheless.
The Mahindra Axe is being built as per Indian Army specifications. The vehicle is an IPR of the Mahindras and even the engine is being indigenously developed. Two prototypes have been developed for Army testing, a report said quoting an M&M official, and will have both open and hard-top versions, capable of mounting artillery. The Mahindra Axe has been developed by a team consisting of Indian and international designers. Some components of the Axe are being imported too.
The report also hinted that Mahindra and Mahindra would be looking at developing a softer variant for civilian purposes. The vehicle, which would very heavy, and a fuel guzzler, would be primarily suited for off-road operations. Apart from that, the vehicle looks more like an extra large ATV with roll bars and fat tyres than like a huge brick-like Hummer.
The Hummer army vehicles of the US, often called Humvee,was first built by American Motors. Aimed at deployment in defence areas, its civilian variant, the Hummer, debuted a decade later, added the report. General Motors had taken over the Hummer brand in 1998. During the Gulf War, the US Army had deployed the Humvees in large numbers as a light tactical vehicle for command and control, special purpose shelter carriers, and special purpose weapons platforms throughout all areas of the modern-day battlefield.

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