Don Pentecost Fighting Skills

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Don Pentecost Fighting Skills

Post by Cutaway on Tue 17 Jun 2008, 7:30 am

This book is a very good starting point if you want to learn more about what happens during a knife attack. It is not the ultimate work on this subject, but it offers some sound, basic advise. The information is presented in a clear and factual manner. No flowery descriptions to be found. Perhaps this is a pity, as the book is rather small in the end (about 55 pages).
I have only a couple of issues with this book : First of all, the author sometimes seems to present his views as an absolute truth, instead of as a general rule. Second, Mr. Pentecost strongly opposes training in the Martial arts to learn self defense. He leaves no doubt as to his feelings towards these arts. I find this to be generalizing an otherwise very true statement. Many Martial arts teachers have very little of value to offer in regard to self defense. This is often so because they lack experience or are more focussed towards other aspects (sports, health, etc.). But to claim that they are all worthless is an exaggeration in my opinion.
For the last, I was a little disappointed after finishing this book. The author states in the beginning that he won't discuss the incidents he has witnessed or participated in in Folsom prison. He states this isn't done by those who have served time there. I can respect that. But then there is little need for putting it in the title. Perhaps some more information on how these techniques are different from others might have been in order. As it is, Folsom is mentioned only once, in the beginning of the book.

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