Essential gear for the field

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Essential gear for the field

Post by Tarfu on Sat 05 Apr 2008, 10:24 am

Seeing as how I just returned from the field, I figured I would see what everyone thinks is non-issued essential gear for field exercises (not a deployment).

Here is my list:

-Waterproofing gear (trashbags, etc.)

-GPS (for the hard land-nav course at Q-town, as a backup/double check device of course)

-baby wipes

-pocket Knife

-Gerber Multi-Tool

-550 cord (can build great "tents" with the poncho 550 cord and E-Tool)

-baby wipes

-bug spray

-itch-b-gone (for when the bugs do bite)

-foot powder/spray

-boot inserts (for the humps)

-pogey bait (MREs get old FAST)

-Motrin 800mg (or pain reliever of your choice)

-(for the smokers) a carton of you favorite brand of cigarettes, and a
carton of the heaviest smoker's favorite kind (to sell him when he runs
out )

-(for the dippers) 2 logs of your favorite dip, and a log of the biggest dipper's favorite kind (see above)

That's all I can think of for now. Maybe I will add some more later.

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