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Post by Cutaway on Mon 31 Mar 2008, 1:42 pm

Net Guns were developed for the live recovery of deer and goats.
These guns have been used in many countries. They were used by Wanye Pratt in Argentina who
caught some 5000 large red deer in the 1980's. They have also been used for the live recovery of birds
for research or for sale.

We have made many variations of these guns. We have CAA approval for a belly mounted gun on a Hughes 300. There is a hand version and a shoudler held gun for the serious heavy loads.

  • Action can be of any large calibre. Mainly in 308 or 30-06
  • Quick detachable barrels with a unqui one hand action to change barrels
  • The shouler gun has a recoil system built in the action that reduces recoil on user or allows larger
    loads for more range and faster net speed

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