Go find the HMMWV keys!

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Go find the HMMWV keys!

Post by Tarfu on Fri 28 Mar 2008, 4:54 pm

Yeah, I stole this idea from another spot, but its a classic.

Who has had, or has given one of those "impossible" tasks, that new guys (boots, as we call them here), tend to not really under stand? What were some of the good ones?

What I have done/have seen done is:
-HMMWV Keys - good one for new drivers, they don't know that they don't need keys to start them Very Happy
-50 foot of flight line - How are they supposed to know thats where the planes land?
-squeegee sharpener - Kind of retarded, but they don't always catch on right away
-blinker fluid - see above
-PRC-E6 - PRC [pronounced "prick"] is a designator for radios, and E6 is a Staff NCO) this one always turns out well for every one except for the person asking for the Prick E6
-Elbow grease - This one doesn't always work, because some people grow up hearing it

Thats all I can recall right now, anyone else have good ones?


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