Dedicated to Female Military/Police

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Dedicated to Female Military/Police

Post by Cutaway on Sun 09 Mar 2008, 7:39 pm

This thread is dedicated to the Women serving in the Armed Forces/Police. Before we start this thread, Please follow the rules below to keep this thread "Active".


*photos of women in the military
*preferably in some form of military uniform
*keep the reposts to a minimum including images within quoted posts
*keep the "sexual comments" out of the thread don't bother with the idiotic "she's hot" comments. Waste of post space and generally useless drivel.
*If there is a need to post photos of a former or current military member in a model layout, make it clear in your post how the "bikini" photos are actually a military member.

NOTE: Keep in mind the "intent" of this thread. The thread is here to honor our "sisters" in arms. It is understood that IMAGES of women in the military are likely here for their aesthetic contribution to the fairer race. However, if your comments or images become degrading or insulting, they will be removed.

Enjoy Cool

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